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The above photo is a shot I took of novel study last night with the students. Took them to my favourite beach spot in the area.

The anarchy of summer work and play is coming to an end.

Alex, currently working on support for the outdoor group, is frantically trying to find us a van for September. But support life is a busy one... and we worry that we will be unable to find something within our needs and budget before our planned start date approaches. Thankfully we have a crew of friends and family helping us with this hunt. Without the collaborated effort I am certain we would be lost in this mess of preparation.

I am in the final days of my English trip. Planning and executing lessons on trailer making, asking good questions, debates, and essay writing. Just yesterday I discovered a way to keep myself entertained throughout giving a debate lesson. I had the group (after listening to and viewing my illustrated representations of logical fallacies) gather onto a raft out on the river, and I led what I like to call "Dunk Debates". I ran various debates and had the group decide who lost (and why) and who needed to be sacrificed into the river. This lesson was wet, loud, aggressive, and hilarious. A great way to step into the end of my Boundless life.

In my down time, after marking and helping students with their efforts towards writing a thesis and drafting their essays for culmination, I plan. It has been difficult to allow my full focus go into the work that Alex and our families have been up to, but I am trying. With our ideal itinerary mapped out and a road atlas in my hand, I have confidence we will be heading out on the road by our desired start date... provided we can get our hands on a van.

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